Original Plat Maps

Original Plat Maps of Mink and Somers Lakes

History of Camp Courage Island on Mink Lake

Ohitika Translation

History of Ohitika Island 1

The History of Ohitika from Advocate 1962

COURAGE The story of Camp Courage

Camp Courage Island (Ohitika)

Mink, Somers ‘Hot’ Lakes of Week. Outdoor News January 30, 1981

mink,somers outdoor news 1.30.81


1993 MINK AND SOMERS LAKE ASSESSMENT PROGRAM REPORT – Monitoring Report – 04_01_1994

Reclamation Project

CORE PROJECT 1988 (The beginning of the Reclamation Project)

Reclamation initial setbacks

Reclamation Project DNR communications

History of Lake Reclamation

Reclamation The keys to Success

Fisheries announcement of Reclamation

10.19.94 Mink Somers reclamation Advocate

10.19.94 Messenger Lake Reclamation

New Life for an Old Wright County Lake

11.9.1994 Septic Violation during Reclamation cleanup

The Shot Heard Round the State

Photos of Rough Fish removed and buried in fields from Reclamation.

First Aeration after Reclamation Project

Aeration used first time after Reclamation Project

Issues With Pollution from Corinna Township Dump 1969-1971

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