About Us

The Association of Mink Somers (TAMS) was formed in the early 1960s . From the beginning our association has had a very active membership. TAMS is a volunteer organization. TAMS dealt with all lake issues using funds from membership dues. TAMS was registered as a 501C3 and TAMS members formed the Mink Somers Lake Improvement District (MSLID) in 2007 to be able to insure funding for significant lake issues TAMS was unable to support.

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A LID is a local governmental unit, a political subdivision. A LID allows for greater local involvement in lake management activities. Projects and activities undertaken by a LID must comply with all local, state and federal regulations. A LID does not have any taxing authority of its own. Rather, the county board specifies the funding arrangement when it establishes the LID.

All riparian (properties with lakeshore) property owners are by default a part of the LID. The MSLID now funds the major projects that help our lakes continue to improve in water quality, fisheries, and other aspects that make our environment enjoyable to all.

Tax deductible TAMS donations (TAMS Dues) and other tax deductible donations are used to support improving the lakes.

Social events, Educational activities an supporting MSLID projects is our role with the LID now up and running.

The MSLID monthly board meetings are open to all property owners. Currently they are held at THE V BY H&H in Maple Lake on the 3rd Saturday from 8:30 AM ­ 10:AM.

The MSLID and TAMS share this Web Site and a Maple Lake MN P.O. BOX. Dues and other correspondence can be sent to both organizations at:

P.O. Box 81
Maple Lake, MN 55358